There are other family events that you may wish to mark with a ceremony, some of those I can do are listed below.

Conversion of civil partnership to marriage - this is now available in England. Your civil partnership can be converted to a marriage with a quick and simple legal document at the registry office and you can then celebrate with an exclusive ceremony.

Vow renewal - a long-lasting marriage is something to be celebrated, and why not do so with an exclusive ceremony which acknowledges all that you have experienced together and your continuing commitment to each other and to your families.


We were really pleased with the way you conducted the (babt-naming) ceremony and wanted to say thank you for your hard work.

Chris and Fiona

To discuss these, or any other ideas you may have, please contact me:

Email -

Phone/Text - 07981 211 002

Baby naming - welcome your baby into your family with a baby naming ceremony.

Memorial services - following a burial or cremation you may wish to have a memorial service for the deceased, this could be on a date special to you or the deceased or to mark a period of time.

Other ceremonies - If you want to mark an event that is not listed, for example divorce, graduation, the award of an honor such as MBE, do please get in touch to discuss your ideas with me.