Naming ceremonies draw on our ancient traditions of welcoming new ones into our family.

In a naming ceremony, the baby or child is formally given their name and parents, grandparents and 'guideparents' make their promises to the child - and these don't all have to be serious. At Thomas's naming ceremony his guideparents promised to teach him all the moves to Milligan bear but to never put him in a tutu or leggings!

And naming ceremonies aren't just for babies, they can be for older children too. Perhaps you've adopted a child, or joined two families together and want to celebrate your new names.

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Edith's naming ceremony

Thanks for yesterday, we were really pleased with how things went, particularly the ceremony.

Thomas's naming ceremony

We had a lovely day and everyone commented on how nice the service was. Hopefully in a few years we'll  be in touch again for our next child's special day.