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A few of the lovely comments I've had from families:

We’d all like to thank you for the beautiful service that you penned and conducted today. J would have loved it. It was just what she would have wanted. You did a wonderful job!

The P Family

The service could not have been better! I have seen a huge difference in A today she seaems to be at peace and knows her Dad's funeral was a fitting tribute to him and just what he would have wanted. ... I assure you we made the right choice in the type of service and lucky to meet your good self, you were perfect for what A wanted and I know J would be looking down with a smile too. Your delivery of the service was excellent, a kind caring and understanding voice and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ... The cuppa was a master stroke, a very unique part our tribute to J. (J liked his cups of tea so we made a pot of tea and we each had a cuppa as we did the service)


I just wanted to say on behalf of mum, J and myself, thank you so much for the lovely service and kind words. Your words and summing up really did manage to bring dad back to life again in may of the eyes of relatives and friends, to the extent that one of my Aunts came up after the service and said she could remember exact incidents from your service and it brightened her day to be able to laugh at the things he had done and it brought other memories flowing back. Dad was one on his own, but you managed to sum him up perfectly ... Thank you once again .


Thank you so much for the service yesterday It was a lovely tribute to mother .. all the people said how lovely it was. Thank you for your help and advice over the past couple of weeks it means a lot... and thank you for the presentation copy, I will be able to send that to relatives in the US. Once again thank you 


I really don't know how to begin to thank you for everything you have done. When you are personally involved the day can become a bit of a blur so the copy service, which is beautifully presented, will help me to reflect and remember my mum. Wen we arrived at the bulls head everyone I spoke to told me it was the best service they had ever attended  and that is all down to you, the way you spoke and the flow of the service was  everything I could have hoped for, you really are an amazing person.


Thank you so much for your brilliant contribution to R's service. It was very much appreciated not only by me but by all the others who attended. People who had known R at different times in the past were interested to fill in the gaps in their knowledge of her and all felt that you had painted a very sympathetic picture of her life. Your little story at the beginning was a lovely touch! Your service, along with the sunny weather, the pleasant setting of (the chapel) ... all combined to make what could have been a gloomy day something to look back on with a smile. Thank you again (and for providing copies of the service).


Thank you so much for the copy of J’s service, I have sent it on to all her siblings. Thank you also for the lovely “flower” card. How thoughtful. It’s difficult to find the right words to express my gratitude to you as regards the service. You were absolutely amazing. Everyone I spoke to said it was such a beautiful service and they were so impressed with the way you conducted it. Thank you so very very much. 


We think you did a wonderful job. From the amount of time you spent with us & how well you listened, through your attention to our needs & foibles through the planning & most importantly how discretely you conducted & managed the service. ... Yesterday was all about S & you were key to making that all work so well. I have highly recommended you to the Co-op Funeral Service.


Thank you so much for the service yesterday - it was lovely and very fitting for my Dad. It's amazing how you managed to capture him from just an hour's conversation with A & myself last week. I will also treasure the keepsake so thank you again for this.


I wanted to take a moment to send a personal message to express my gratitude and appreciation to you relating to my Dad's funeral. You enabled us to share precious memories which you then delivered so eloquently and I felt you brought his character back to life during those final moments. Although I felt overwhelmed by the loss of my Dad, with your professional yet gentle approach I was able to embrace the service and found the strength to truly listen and reflect on his long life. Everyone I spoke to afterwards commented on how special they found the service and it felt as though you knew Dad based on your delivery.  Thank you so much for helping us celebrate his life and enabling us to have such positive memories of what was a difficult time.


I hardly know where to begin this morning but my very first job is to tell you how much I appreciate the service you led for K last Thursday.  I thought it was perfectly composed and reflected K's personality and life ideally.  I almost felt you knew him.  Quite a few of the mourners expressed their admiration of the beauty and simplicity with which you led us through what was a sad and difficult time especially for myself and his children and extended family.  Many thanks for the time and compassion that you showed to all of us.

Mrs F.

Thank you so much for delivering the service for my mom and dad today. Everyone attending told me how much they enjoyed it and how beautiful and poignant it was. In fact several people found it so moving that they asked for your details afterwards.From the start it has been so comforting to know that you were the person who would be delivering the service for us. I am delighted with the copy of the tribute which you thoughtfully provided afterwards as well - just one example of the kindness, care and attention to detail that you have shown throughout. Thank you so much,

 Your excellent conducting of the service has been on everyone's lips, and Welsh praise for your Welsh. A and P are at one in their praise of you. Me too. The shape of the service helped people greatly, and affirmed life as much as respecting S and her death. Elegantly wrought.

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation of the very sympathetic way that you led the funeral of DK last Thursday.Your direction of the service ensured an occasion that conveyed the perfect balance between the sadness and grief of D's death and the joyous celebration of a life lived to the full. It was patently obvious that you had given a lot of time, thought and care to put together an accurate and very sensitive account of D's life, his achievements and his brave battle against cancer over the past two years. The service gave [his wife] a huge amount of comfort and it was exactly what she had hoped it would
Mrs. W.

Thank you for the service yesterday the balance of the solemnity and remembrance of [my aunt] was spot on. I know ranking a funeral service seems unusual but I felt yesterday's was the best I have been to.
Mr. S.




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Following the initial contact, which may come directly from you or may come to me through your funeral director, I will meet with you, and family members, to talk about your loved one, listen to your memories, and find out what your special person was like. I can help you to think about the type of service you want, any special readings or music and I'll then write a service exclusively for you. I will send you a copy to make sure that it is accurate and truly reflects your loved one, and what you want in the service. On the day of the funeral, I will lead the service and support family members and others who may want to make special tributes and I'll give you a keepsake copy of the service to take away with you.

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